The famous to-do list, the vain of many existences. For so much wasted time I thought I needed a to-do list. I needed to make sure I knew exactly what needs to be done. Not only that, but I would buy fancy notebooks, pads, and other stationery to be able to keep this list.

I would write down what I considered important right at the top. This needs doing immediately! No excuses, I say to myself sternly, making sure I understood the importance of the “List”. I thought it was an invaluable and irreplaceable tool to solve all my procrastination problems.

The truth? it was bullshit. I would write everything down with every good intention, but alas it was all for not. It was just another way to procrastinate. Write it down, feel like you are going to accomplish something, accomplish nothing, feel like shit, rewrite with the hope you actually do something about it next time.

Let us abolish the To-Do List, bring on the Daily Schedule!

Hell is paved with good intentions says, Samuel Jackson, 1800’s English author. Ok, that is a bit extreme but point is that a to-do list is just intentions without a clear time frame. Ok, forget the time frame, I am talking specific time as if you were going to an appointment to receive your million dollar check.

No excuses here ladies and gentlemen. That scheduled time for your to-do item is no more different than the scheduled meeting with the CEO of, let us say, Amazon, Jeff Bezos. If you are going to meet one of the richest and smartest entrepreneurs in the world, you are never late. Ever.

Guess what, you are on your way to being as successful and so don’t disrespect yourself. Schedule your shit.

Here is your CTA ( Call To Action ):

  • Figure out what would be the best tool for you to schedule your success. Apps, journal, yellow stickies, alarms, it doesn’t matter as long it gets your attention and can make sure you stick with it. Be straight with yourself, because once you choose one, it becomes where the unmovable schedule will be stored.
  • Organize your schedule. Have blocks of time that are made specifically for your former to-do list. Individualize each block of time and maybe even categorize them. for example, answering emails, journaling, billing, marketing, calling the doctor, setting up appointments, etc.
  • Get the schedule buttoned down the day or night before. You wake up, get ready and start doing your shit, no excuses. Just start it. Don’t think about it, just start. Follow your schedule and finish your day with a win.

Let us summarize: Kill the list, Schedule your To-Do.

Don’t disrespect yourself, start something and get your business done.

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Work Hard, Stay Humble.
– Rex

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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